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“Dr. Weber is the preferred Invisalign provider in the St. Petersburg and Seffner areas”

How Does Invisalign® Work?

Invisalign® aligners gently shift your teeth into a beautiful smile. After taking a mold, a 3-D image of your mouth is created using our computer imaging technology. As the doctor reviews your case, he will make small adjustments for a desirable look.

Typically, your Invisalign® aligners are replaced with new ones about every 2 weeks. Each new aligner will shift your teeth little by little with an average treatment time of 9 – 15 months. During this time you can expect to have between 18 – 30 aligners and visit the doctors office once every 6 weeks. While you’re in the office, Dr. Weber will evaluate the progression of your Invisalign® case to ensure your treatment plan is going as planed, only making slight adjustments if needed.


Dr. Weber for Invisalign!

Dr. Weber has been working as one of the earliest waves of general dentist to be Invisalign® certified in the St. Petersburg and Seffner areas.  After 32 years, Dr. Weber continues to take a hands-on approach in each of his patients cases and offer the latest 3D modeling technology to ensure it’s done right.

Here at Kurt K. Weber, D.D.S., P.A., we believe that treating our patients as family is key to creating a healthy and “A Beautiful Smile for You!” Call or visit our office for a consultation or additional information.

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What does Invisalign cost?

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